RECON-Ti .308 Titanium Suppressor

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The RECON-Ti™ contains a patented canted helical design which eliminates many of the problems with traditional suppressor design, this is a completely new system of suppression. They utilize a single continuous attenuation chamber. Fastest heat dissipation rate of any suppressor per volume due to the increased surface area. An average of 30-50% more surface area than the basic suppressor design. This means more rounds downrange in a shorter amount of time. Utilizing Accelerated Gas Technology™ to keep your suppressor cleaner and quieter.  Caliber inserts available for .22 caliber, 6.5MM, and .308 caliber to maximize your sound reduction. The RECON-Ti is direct thread and full auto rated for the most rugged conditions.


    • Patented Helical Technology
    • Zero Muzzle Flash
    • Serviceable
    • Multi-caliber
    • 40-55% recoil reduction
    • No Baffle Strikes


    • Manufactured: USA
    • Caliber: 7.62MM/.308 cal
    • Weight: 21 oz
    • Overall Length: 7.7”
    • Diameter: 1.5”
    • Sound dB: 133-136 dB
    • Mount: Direct Thread 5/8-24
    • Outer Tube: Grade 9 Titanium
    • Core: Alloy ETD 150 Steel
    • Finish: Black Cerakote, Flat Dark Earth Cerakote, NIB Battleworn®
    • Min. Barrel Length: No Restrictions

1 review for RECON-Ti .308 Titanium Suppressor

  1. Bryan

    This is my 2nd Stealth can and won’t be my last. I really enjoy having no shift in impact when I don’t run it.

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Stealth Project Suppressors ™ perform differently than the 100-year-old baffle systems utilizing a patented helical core designed with Accelerated Gas Technology ™.




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