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Minimal POI Shift.  Minimal BlowBack.  No Baffle Strikes.


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Baffle-less design eliminates chance of baffle strikes. Without baffles this suppressor system has a much higher safety factor. No baffle strikes.. ever!


I went to my dealer’s range and compared several suppressors. I used a Stealth Fusion .30 cal, Dead Air Sandman-S 30 cal, an OSS, Sig HLX and a Surefire Mini. In a totally unscientific procedure we turned our backs, shot and just observed.

Overwhelmingly, the Stealth has NO competition in recoil reduction, amazing. We shot the 300 Win mag as well and it was impressive. On the noise level, against the ones we tried, Stealth was either the best , or couldn’t determine. So I say the best!


Stealth Rifle Suppressors


Stealth Project Suppressors contain a patented canted helical design which eliminates many of the problems with traditional suppressor design, this is a completely new system of sound suppression. They utilize a single attenuation chamber to control muzzle blast.

One piece core design increases strength, heat dissipation, and simplicity, no welds to fail or multiple parts to complicate its use. Without multiple baffle chambers the system heats evenly along its entire length, with no “hot spots” increasing the systems heat transfer efficiency.

1st round flash eliminated near 100%. Due to the revolutionary design, combustive ambient air is retained in the attenuation chamber of the suppressor and not allowed to escape through the muzzle of the system before combustion, therefore eliminating flash.

Fastest heat dissipation rate of any suppressor per volume due to the increased surface area. An average of 30-50% more surface area than other suppressor designs. This means more rounds downrange in a shorter amount of time.



Stealth Project Suppressors ™ perform differently than the 100-year-old baffle systems utilizing a patented helical core designed with Accelerated Gas Technology ™.




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